Finna (Uleg) Sambal Bawang
Indonesian Home style chili paste made from Special selected chili and Garlic. It is perfect for family dish making and serve delicious meal on the table with enhanced flavors Ingredients: Shallot 395, Chili, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Water, Garlic, flavor enhancer...
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Ijo
Indonesian Green Chili Sauce Weight: 190 Grams
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Kemiri
Candlenut Chili paste it contains 49.8% chili and 6.75% Kemiri nuts. It is very delicious indonesian home style chili paste.  Weight: 190 g
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Pedas 190g
Indonesian Super Spicy Chili Sauce Ingredients: Chili 58%, water, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Starch, Vinegar, Flavor Enhancer Weight: 190 g
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Rawit 180g
Rawit Chili paste from Uleg Nutrition Information ( 20g Serving Size) Energy : 115 KJ Protein: 0.578g Fat total: 1.31g Cholesterol: 0mg Sugar: 1.03g Carbonhydrate: 3.33g Dietary fibre: 1.4g Sodium: 283mg Potassium: 74mg   Weight: 180 Grams
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Terasi
weight: 190g Spicy Chili Shrimp Paste, classic indonesian sambal. perfect for dipping or cooking
Finna Bumbu Ayam Goreng Instant Mix
Instant Seasoning for Indonesian Style Fried Chicken
Finna Bumbu Bali
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Balinese Spice Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Kare
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Curry Spice Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Lodeh
Instant Seasonings Mix Vegetable with coconut Milk Soup Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Nasi Goreng 50g
Instant Seasonings from Finna Indonesian Fried Rice Seasonings Mix Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Opor
Instant Seasonings Indonesian White Curry Spice
Finna Bumbu Rawon
Instant Seasonings East java Beef Soup
Finna Bumbu Rendang
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Style Rendang Spice Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Rujak
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Spicy Chicken Weight: 50 Gram
Finna Bumbu Sayur Asam
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Sour Vegetable Soup Weight: 50 Grams
Finna Bumbu Soto Ayam
Instant Seasonings Indonesian Chicken Clear Soup
Finna Krupuk Ikan Oei
Krupuk Ikan Oei Weight 500 Grams

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