Dove Hand Soap Pump - Cucumber & Green Tea 250 mlAbout this product- New formula, now 99% biodegradable - Refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea- Lightly moisturising and refreshing formula...




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Dove Hand Soap Pump - Cucumber & Green Tea 250 ml

About this product

- New formula, now 99% biodegradable 

- Refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea

- Lightly moisturising and refreshing formula helps to nourish your hands

- Cares for your skin

- ¼ moisturizer and gentle cleansers to protect skin's natural moisture 

- Makes your skin softer, smoother and more nourished

- Nourishing formula suitable for daily use on hands

We all wash our hands a little more than usual these days. So if you get dry hands, Dove Caring Hand Wash is a perfect match for you. A moisturizing formula that effectively cleanses while protecting your hands from dryness. If you're wondering how to get soft hands and a fresh refreshing feeling, then Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea hand soap might be what you're looking for. Dove Cucumber & Green tea hand soap combines a refreshing lightweight formula with ¼ moisturizer and a fresh scent, to help your hands feel soft, smooth and cared for. Take a moderate amount of hand soap in your wet hands and lather the soap in your hands before rinsing your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water. You will immediately enjoy the fresh scent of cucumber and green tea and your hands will be soft, fresh and clean. Warning: avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water.


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