Persil Discs Universal 4 In 1 Detergent Capsules 15pcsProduct Description:Discover our best 4in1 detergent capsule that combines 4 chambers with 4 powers. The new Persil discs universal with deep clean...




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Persil Discs Universal 4 In 1 Detergent Capsules 15pcs

Product Description:

Discover our best 4in1 detergent capsule that combines 4 chambers with 4 powers. The new Persil discs universal with deep clean plus technology and active fresh effect ensure perfectly clean laundry.

- Penetrates into the fibres to remove the most stubborn stains

Prevents aging so your colored clothes stay beautiful longer

Contains an improved fragrance so you enjoy fresh laundry even longer

Powerful cleaning of your clothes but also gentle on the fibres


Additional Information:

The new 4in1 Persil universal discs are the detergent capsules that guarantee a perfectly clean and hygienic laundry result. They remove even the most stubborn stains, without damaging your laundry. Each chamber in the disc has a powerful formula, designed for four purposes: hygienic stain removal, thanks to the deep clean plus technology, which penetrates deep into the fibers, even the most stubborn stains are removed. Long lasting freshness, the long lasting freshness is created by the active fresh effect, this ensures that unpleasant odors will disappear. This keeps your laundry fresh for a long time, so clothes will smell better as if they were freshly washed. Retain bright colors, the 4in1 discs ensure that laundry is thoroughly cleaned, while your white laundry will continue to shine longer, even after multiple washes! Caring for the fibers, Persil 4in1 discs universal are gentle on the fibers, while cleaning stains in a powerful Way. When you use the laundry capsules regularly, it protects the fibers from pilling, which means that your favorite garments will last longer and retain their bright colors. Persil discs are already effective when washed at low temperatures. This way you wash your laundry sustainably by reducing water and energy consumption. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your energy bill! In addition to preserving the quality of your clothes, the formula is also good for the planet: the packaging is 100% recyclable



Ingredient declaration according to Detergents Regulation 648/2004/EC: 15-30%: non-ionic surfactants,anionic surfactants,5-15%: soap,< 5%: phosphonates,Other ingredients: perfumes,enzymes,optical brighteners,Geraniol,Linalool



Keep out of the reach of children



Dosage: for a wash up to 4.5 pounds, dose 1 disc. For a wash greater than 4.5 kilos, dose 2 discs. First place the disc, then the laundry in the machine. Suitable for all types of water. Not suitable for wool and silk.