Mie Sedaap Selero Padang 75g
Sedaap Goreng Mie Salero Padang 86G Mie Sedaap Goreng Salero Padang Is Fried Noodles With Savory Taste With More Fried Onions Sprinkled. The texture of the noodles is more chewy and does not soften quickly will produce more pleasure in...
€0,76 €0,50
Mie Sedaap Rasa Soto 75g
MIE SEDAAP Soto is an instant noodle with a fresh soto taste combined with crunchy savory powder. Produced and processed hygienically under the strict supervision of experts, Mie Sedaap Mie Soto is also enriched with 7 vitamins. The texture of...
€0,71 €0,60
Mie Sedaap Baso Special 77g
Mie Sedaap Noodles Baso Special
€0,72 €0,61
Mie Sedaap Kari Special 75g
Mie Sedaap Noodles Kari Special
€0,72 €0,62
Mie Sedaap Mi Goreng 90g
Mie Sedaap Noodles in Cup, rasa ayam jerit  
€0,76 €0,64
Mie Sedaap Goreng Ayam Crispy 84g
Mie Sedaap Noodles rasa ayam Crispy  
€0,76 €0,64
Mie Sedaap Noodles in Cup, rasa ayam jerit  
€0,76 €0,64
Lemonilo Mi Instan Pedas Korea 85g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles,  Korea Pedas flavor
Mie Sedaap Sambal Goreng 90g
Mie Sedaap Noodles Sambal goreng flavor  
€0,76 €0,64
Indomie Mie Goreng Rendang Flavor
Indonesian famous instant fried noodle with rendang flavor Weight: 80 gram
Lemonilo Mi Instan Ayam Bawang 70g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles,  Ayam Bawang flavor
LEMONILO Mie Instant Kari Ayam 73g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles, Kari ayam taste
SUPERMI Steak Ayam 80g
Special flavor instant noodles
Indomie Mi Goreng Original
Indonesia famous instant fried noodle original flavor  
Mie Sedaap Cup Soto 81g
Mie Sedaap Noodles in cup Soto flavor

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