Aigostar 2200W 3.0L Stainless steel deep fryer VDE / Agni
Product Function: Home-made fries Fried chicken Fried banana Deep fried ice cream Features Color: Stainless steel Specifications Size: L410*W218*H227mm Cable length 0.9m Specifications Maximum power 1800-2200W Voltage 220 240v Frequency 50/60Hz The application of environment Applicable standards VDE Capacity Volume...
Blokker Hot air fryer XL 4,5L BL-18303
Blokker hot airfryer BL-18101With the Blokker hot air ryer BL-18101 - digital, you can bake the tastiest dishes.Not only delicious fries and snacks, but also small pizzas, muffins and much more comes out of this all-rounder. With a capacity of...
Blokker Hot air fryer XXL 5.5L BL-18302
Blokker hot airfryer XXL BL-18302With the Blokker hot airfryer XXL BL-18302 - digital you can bake the tastiest dishes for the whole family. The innovative hot air technology makes it a real all-rounder that prepares the dishes with minimal addition...
Philips Airfryer essential L 4,1L gray HD9200/60
Performance   Capacity *   4.1   L Fryer food capacity *     0.8 kg Low-fat frying technology   Rapid   Air Product type *   Hot   air fryer Frying function *   Yes Baking function *   Yes Grilling   Yes Roasting...
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