Dubro Multi Degreaser 650ml
Product Description:A super powerful concentrated degreaser that is effective on all types of dirt and surfaces including barbecues, sinks, garden furniture, bicycle and car rims and grease stains in clothing.- Unbeatable on all surfaces- Super powerful- Quick to clean- With fresh lemon scent Additional...
Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner 500ml
Product Description: Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner has a powerful new formula that easily removes stubborn dirt, grease and oil so you can clean less and live more. - Tackles stubborn grease and grime - Removes stubborn dirt, grease and oil...
G'woon Multi Degreaser 750ml
Product Description: makes everything g'woon grease-free again For daily cleaning or a big clean. Efficient cleaners with a fresh scent, for when the g'woon needs to be properly clean.   Additional Information: Storage advice: store in a cool and dry...
3G Professional Appliance Descaler 500ml
Product Description:For descaling the shower head or various household appliances such as a coffee maker, kettle or iron. Equipped with child-resistant closure. Ingredients:648/2004/ec, citric acid Warnings:Use the descaler only in a well-ventilated area and never in combination with other products. Do not use...
Sun Boost Machine Cleaner 3pcs
Product Description:Sun Machine Cleaner removes grease and lime deposits in your dishwasher.- Dshwasher Cleaner removes grease and limescale- Extends the lifespan of your dishwasher- Use Sun Machine Cleaner once a month for the best results- For perfect dishwashing results- Sun...
Witte Reus Kitchen Cleaner 750ml
Product Description:Witte Reus for the Kitchen, easily and thoroughly cleans all hard and smooth surfaces in the kitchen. The alcohol-based formula easily removes grease and stubborn dirt, ensuring a grease-free, shiny kitchen. Ingredients:Ingredient Declaration (648/2004/EC): <5%: non-ionic surfactants, perfumes, limonene. Warnings:Causes severe...
Mr Muscle Cerafix 200ml
Product Description: Mr muscle cerafix cleans, protects and adds shine to ceramic, halogen and induction cooktops! - Applies a protective layer to the cooktop - Prevents food residues, even sugars, from burning in - Maintains the natural shine of the...
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