Kemiri Nuts 1kg
Kemiri nuts, also known as candle nuts, are an essential ingredient to specialty dishes throughout south and southeast Asia, as well as Polynesia. They are used in Southeast Asian cooking to thicken sauces with a touch of bitter, nuttiness. In...
Kemiri Nut 100g
CandlenutWeight: 100g
Daun Jeruk Kering
Dried Purut LeafWeight: 28g
Golden Lily Xinjiang Gai Sam Dried Dates 200g
Golden Lily Xinjiang Gai Sam Dried Dates 200g Dried date from golden lily. Dried dates are a good source of: Magnesium Calcium Iron Potassium Dried dates are also rich in polyphenols. These compounds provide a wide variety of health benefits,...
White Back Black Fungus 100g
White Back Black Fungus 100g   Black fungus with special white back type   Introduction:Gelatinous sporocarp of Auricularia polytricha. Also called the wood fungus. Mainly produced in Fujian, China. Fuctions:White Back Black Fungus can promote vital energy, activate the brain,...
Dried Mushroom 100g
Dried Mushroom 100g Dried mushrooms are agricultural products processed from fresh shiitake mushrooms through roasting and other processes . Shiitake mushrooms have strong adsorption and must be stored separately, that is, the container for storing shiitake mushrooms should not be...
Tung Ku Mushrooms (M) 100g
Descriptioin:Deliciously fragrant mushrooms from the brand Mountains.Ingredients:MushroomAllergy Information: Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.Contact details:OchamaBerkel and Rodenrijs 2652 XSThe Netherlands Nutritional   Values:  Value Per 100 gram/ml/g Energy   (KJ) 1150 Energy   (kcal) 274 Fat 1.2   ...
NBH Dried Lyche (Litchi) 300g
Ingredients:Dried Lychees Nutritional   Values:  Value Per 100 g Energy   (KJ) 1327 Energy   (kcal) 317 Fat 1.2    of which saturated 0 Carbohydrates 77.4    of which sugars 0 Protein 4.5 Salt 0
Black Pepper Whole 100g
  Black Pepper Whole 100g   Pepper has broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, and the extracts of pepper fruit and pepper leaves have strong antibacterial effects on some plant pathogens and common microorganisms in food. According to reports, black pepper essential oil...
White Pepper Whole 100g
White pepper whole 100g Source (   White pepper is scientifically known as Piper Nigrum and comes from the Piperaceae family. White pepper brilliantly complements the flavour of any recipe. So, if you are a fan of black pepper, white...
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