Old Amsterdam Snacking cubes 170g
Ingredients: Milk (pasteurized), salt, lactic acid (contains milk), rennet, preservative (E251), colorant (carotene). Naturally lactose-free (<0.01%).Allergy Information: Milk.  Nutritional Values:  Value Per 100 gram Energy 1663 kJ (401 kcal) Fat 33 g    of which saturated 22.9 g Carbohydrates 0 g...
Melkan Mozzarella Grated 150g
Ingredients: MILK, potato starch, salt, lactic acid, microbial rennet.    Allergy Information: AM     Nutritional Values:  Value Per 100 gram Energy 1212 kJ (291 kcal) Fat 20.4 g    of which saturated 14.1 g Carbohydrates 2.6 g    of which sugars...
Cheestrings 8 x 21g
Ingredients: Pasteurized MILK (96%), salt, acidity regulators (citric acid, lactic acid)  rennet, lactic acid (MILK), Vitamin D    Allergy Information: AM     Value Per 100 gram Fat 22.5 g Carbohydrates 2.5 g Protein 23 g Calcium 780 mg Storage Information: Store refrigerated...
Melkan Grated Cheese Jong Belegen 300g
IngredientsMILK, potato starch, salt, lactic acid, animal rennet, coloring: annatto bixin/ annatto norbixin/ carotene, preservative: E251.Allergy InformationMilk Nutritional Values Value Per 100 gram Energy 1581 kJ (381 kcal) Fat 30.1 g    of which saturated 18.3 g Carbohydrates 2.4 g   ...
Mini Babybel 10pcs 200g
Ingredients: Pasteurized MILK (98%), salt, lactic acid (contains MILK), vegetarian rennet.Allergy Information: AM. Nutritional Values:  Value Per 100 gram Energy 245 kJ (59 kcal) Fat 23 g    of which saturated 15.5 g Carbohydrates 0 g    of which sugars 0...
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