Indomie goreng ayam geprek 85g
Indomie goreng ayam geprek 85g INDOMIE GORENG FLAVOR GEPREK CHICKEN 85 G is an instant noodle with a variant of geprek chicken flavor with a spicy taste
Lemonilo Mi Instan Pedas Korea 85g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles,  Korea Pedas flavor
Lemonilo Mi Instan Ayam Bawang 70g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles,  Ayam Bawang flavor
LEMONILO Mie Instant Kari Ayam 73g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles, Kari ayam taste
SUPERMI Steak Ayam 80g
Special flavor instant noodles
Indomie Soto mie 70
Indomie soto Mie   Indomie is produced by Indofood, the pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia and is one of the largest instant noodles manufacturers in the world. Indomie comes in many varieties from the classic soup flavours such as...
Mie Sedaap Cup Soto 81g
Mie Sedaap Noodles_in cup_Soto flavor
ABC Instant Cup Kari Ayam 60g
Ingredients noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, acidity regulator (E500, E501), thickener (E412), stabilizer (E452), colour (E160a). Seasoning powder: salt, sugar, flavour enhancer (E621), artificial chicken flavour (contains soy, egg), pepper powder, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder. Dehydrated vegetables:...
Lemonilo Mi Instan Goreng 80g
Indonesian healthy instant noodles,  Mie Goreng Flavor
Prima Taste Laksa La Mian 185g world best Instant Noodles
Prima Taste Laksa La Mian 185g world best Instant Noodles Ingredients noodle/lamian (54%): wheat flour, salt, acidity regulators (sodium carbonate, disodium phosphate). Laksa paste: water, vegetable oil (palm olein), chilli paste (water, dried chilli, salt), dried shrimp (crustacean), shallot, galangal,...
5 packs Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen 2x Spicy 140g x 5
Famous Korean SAM YANG Hot Chicken flavor Ramen.  This is 2x spicy classic korean instant noodles
KOBE Mie Instant BONCABE 15 105g
Indonesian Instant Noodles by Kobe Weight: 105gram
1 box Sedaap Mie Cup Baso Bleduk 12 cups
Sedaap Mie Cup Baso Bleduk Mie Sedaap Cup Baso Bleduk  is equipped with chewy noodles and toppings with bales nyes and vegetables that can enhance the taste and sensation of eating Mie Sedaap Cup Baso Special
Sedaap Mie Singapore Spicy Laksa
Sedaap Mie Singapore Spicy Laksa Mie Sedaap Selection Singapore Spicy Laksa! The gravy is savory, the noodles are chewy, plus the aroma makes you drool, the laksa is authentic, feels like in Singapore~⁣
Best Wok Mie Goreng Original 85g
Best Wok Mie Goreng Original 85g   Best Wok Mie Goreng Original from Indonesia, one of the best instant noodles brand. High quality with rich flavors. also available for 5 packs package. exclusively for Europe Market. 

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