G'woon Bouillonblokjes Kip 120g
Ingredients:Ingredients :Maltodextrin, salt, palm fat, flavor enhancer: E621/E631/E627, 3% chicken meat powder, aroma, 0.8% chicken fat, turmeric, onion, SELDERIJ, parsleyAllergy Information:Celery and celery-based productsNutritional values Value Per 100 g Energy   (KJ) 23 Energy   (kcal) 5 Fats 0.2 g Fatty...
G'woon Bouillonblokjes Rund 120g
Ingredients:Ingredients :Salt, maltodextrin, palm fat, flavour enhancer: E621/E631/E627, 2% beef extract, caramelised sugar syrup, 0.9% beef fat, sugar, carrot, spices (turmeric, lovage, mace, SELDERIJZAAD), flavour, parsley.Allergy Alert:Celery and celery-based productsPreparation instructions:Stir 10g product into 500ml boiling water.Storage advice:Store in a...
G'woon Bouillonblokjes Groenten 120g
IngredientsIngredients :Iodized salt, maltodextrin, palm fat, flavor enhancer: E621/E631, sugar, 4% vegetables (onion, carrot, SELDERIJ, leek, parsnip, tomato), herbs and spices (rosemary, parsley, lovage, SELDERIJ, SELDERIJZAAD, mace, turmeric), caramelized sugar syrup, natural flavor.Allergy AlertCelery and celery based productsNutritional Information Value...
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