Gwoon Mineral Water Sparkling Light 1500ml
Ingredients: Natural Mineral Water, Carbonic Acid.  Sodium 16.4 Mg/L, Potassium 3.5Mg/L, Calcium 104 Mg/L, Fluoride: 0.18 Mg/LAllergy Information: no Nutritional Values Value Per 100 gram/ml Energy 0 kJ (0 kcal) Fat 0 g      of which saturated 0 g Carbohydrates...
Bar-Le-Duc Mineral water 1.5L
Bar-le-Duc is natural mineral water that is low in minerals and therefore suitable for a low-salt diet. Because Bar-le-Duc has a low mineral content it can be drunk by everyone.DescriptionNatural mineral water with added carbon dioxideSuitable for low-salt diets.IngredientsIngredients: analysis...
Spa Intense 4 x 1.5L
DescriptionDeliciously refreshing and intensely effervescent Spa natural mineral water from the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. Exclusively intended to contain Spa® water. IngredientsAnalysis (mg/l): Ca: 5.5 Mg: 1.9 Na: 5 K: 0.5 CI: 4.5 SO4: 7.5 NO3: 1.5 HCO3: 18 SiO2:...
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