Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor for Women 2pc
DescriptionGillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Shaver is specially designed for the female body and for an easy and effective shave for an ultra smooth and silky skin. The (refill) blades are equipped with 5 fast, diamond-shaped coated blades that glide...
Gillette Venus Sensitive Extra Smooth Razor Blades 4pcs
DescriptionGillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razors are extra gentle for sensitive skin. Experience long-lasting smoothness with 5 flexible blades that sit close to the skin and follow the curves of the body so that no hair is missed. The diamond-coated...
Gillette Venus3 Disposable Blades Women 6pcs
DescriptionWomen's disposable razor with 3 blades and a moisturizing strip for gliding comfort.Skin protecting micro-ridges help reduce nicks and cuts.Specially designed handle with moving head for hard to shave areas.The blades do not need to be replaced; just use and...
Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blade 1pcs
DescriptionGillette Venus Smooth Shaver is specially designed to provide an easy and effective shave for ultra-smooth and silky skin. The blades and refills feature three fast blades and a skin-friendly moisturizing strip that smoothes the skin for a close and...
Parissa Wax Strips Face&Bikini 16pcs
DescriptionThese ready-to-use wax strips (16 pieces) work just as quick & easy as the wax strips for legs and body, but thanks to their small size are ideal for smaller spots on the face (upper lip,between the eyebrows, under the...
Gillette Venus Classic Razor Blades 4pcs
DescriptionGillette Venus Smooth Women's Razors are Gillette's first three-blade razors, specially designed to effortlessly follow the contours of the body. Each blade refill features 3 sharp blades and a skin-friendly moisturizing strip that smooths the skin for a close and...
Gillette Simply Venus2 Women's Disposable Razors 4pcs
DescriptionGillette Simply Venus 2 Disposable Razors are Venus' most affordable razors. The shaving head contains two protruding blades with a luba strip, so that the blade glides effortlessly over the skin. With a touch of Aloe Vera for extra comfort...
Parissa Wax Strips Body & Legs 16pcs
DescriptionThese wax strips live up to their 'Quick & Easy' name. The ready-to-use strips work even faster than shaving, but you have about 8 weeks of a smooth, soft skin without stubble. You apply the wax strips (16 pieces) immediately to...
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