L'Or Espresso Onyx Coffee Beans 500g
DescriptionThe intense L'OR espresso onyx is an ode to the ultimate essence of pure espresso: superior, dark-roasted arabica and robusta beans.•    Flavour intensity 12 (scale 01-12)•    Suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic machines (coffee beans)•    Flavor segment espresso: intense and powerful•    Most suited to...
Douwe Egberts Aroma Red Coffee Beans 1000g
Description Douwe egberts aroma red, the one and only. An aromatic, round and balanced blend with the recognizable aroma red. Your trusted Douwe Egberts coffee since 1753. - Flavour intensity 05 (scale 01-09) - Suitable for fully automatic and semi...
Lavazza Coffee Beans Espresso D'oro 500g
Product descriptionThe Lavazza Qualità Oro stands for the classic Italian espresso: a wonderful taste sensation. The beautiful intensity of this Italian coffee reflects Lavazza's skill in composing and roasting coffee. The Qualità Oro tastes sweet, with hints of chocolate, floral...
Douwe Egberts Premium Excellent Arome Coffee Beans 500g
Description Douwe Egberts Aroma Variations Excellent, a blend with a rich aromatic taste and subtle complexity. Combines fresh green accents with the sweet notes of 100% high-quality Arabica beans. - Flavour intensity 05 (scale 01-09) - Suitable for fully automatic...
L'Or Espresso Forza Coffee Beans 500g
DescriptionFree the unrestrained power of lor espresso forza. A full, rich blend of deep dark roasted arabica beans with hints of chocolate and wine.- Flavour intensity 09 (scale 01-12)- Suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic machines (coffee beans)- Flavor segment...
Douwe Egberts Intense Coffee Beans 500g
DescriptionDouwe Egberts Intens, a dark roasted blend full of character. Aromatic, intense, sweet and flavorful with a pleasant long aftertaste. Dark roast for a full aroma and intense taste.- Flavour intensity 07 (scale 01-09)   - Suitable for fully automatic &...
Douwe Egberts Premium Mocca Coffee Beans 500g
Description Douwe egberts aroma variations mocca, an intense and full-bodied blend. Subtly complex and rich in taste with a pleasant aftertaste. A high-quality blend of carefully selected beans. Slow roasted for a complex taste.   •    Flavor intensity 07 (scale 01-09) ...
Illy Beans Normal Roast 250g
Ingredients100% Arabica CoffeeStorage MethodKeep away from sunlight and heatContact detailsillycaffè SpA via Flavia 11034147 Tieste Italy
Douwe Egberts Espresso Coffee Beans 1000g
DescriptionCOFFEE BEANSPackaged under protective atmosphereUsageThese coffee beans are suitable for coffee grinder, fully automatic or piston machine.StorageWe recommend storing these coffee beans in a cool place. After opening, do not keep the coffee beans longer than 3 weeks, preferably in...
L'Or Espresso Fortissimo Coffee Beans 500g
Description Discover the unmatched power of these dark and evenly roasted arabica beans with a hint of the spicy robusta. Taste the temperamental character. - Flavour intensity 10 (scale 01-12) - Suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic machines (coffee beans)...
Douwe Egberts Espresso Coffeebeans 500g
DescriptionEspresso beans A dark roast blend with complex coffee aromas. With the full and intense aftertaste of a real espresso coffee. Very dark roast for a powerful taste and characteristic espresso aromas.- Intensity 9- Suitable for fully automatic coffee machine-...
Illy Beans Dark Roast 250g
DescriptionRoasted Coffee BeansPackaged under a protective atmosphere. Caffeine content not more than 1,5%.Ingredients100% Arabica Coffee.UsageAvoid improper use of the can. The edges of the tin and the lid may be sharp after opening.StorageKeep away from sunlight and heat. Store preferably...
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