Kusuka Original
Cassava Cracker with Original FlavourWeight: 180ghttps://www.tokopoint.com/
NESIA Sumpia Pedas 150g
Indonesian Cracker Snacks Weight: 150g
Kripik Tempe Nesia
Tempe chips Indonesian traditional tempe snacks
Melinjo Manis - Nesia
Sweet Melinjo snacks   Weight 150gram
Chitato Sapi Panggang 68g
Chitato Sapi Panggang 68g Chitato Beef Barbecue or Roast Beef Flavor is the most popular flavor. The taste of barbecue spices that are so strong and thick gives an amazing experience in your mouth and mind. So delicious and tempting for any...
Taro Seaweed 65g
  Taro Seaweed 65g 1. The number 1 child snack product in Indonesia2. Has a variety of flavors that are liked by children3. Doesn't make you thirsty and doesn't stick to your hands4. Guaranteed quality, more than 30 years of...
Taro Potato BBQ 65g
Taro Potato BBQ 65g 1. The number 1 child snack product in Indonesia2. Has a variety of flavors that are liked by children3. Doesn't make you thirsty and doesn't stick to your hands4. Guaranteed quality, more than 30 years of...
Lay's Local Flavours Patatje Mayo 150g
Product descriptionLay's brings you the taste of the flavors of the Dutch snack kitchen, and that in a chip! Perfect to share with your friends, because with Lay's and Remia it's always a party! Made from potatoes from the Netherlands,...
Lay's MAX Double Crunch Spareribs 140g
Ingrediëntenaardappelen, plantaardige oliën (maïs, zonnebloem & koolzaad, in wisselende hoeveelheden), spare ribs smaak [aroma's, suiker, tarwebloem, zout, gerookte glucose (bevat tarwe), voedingszuur (citroenzuur), specerijen, kleurstof (paprika-extract), rookaroma's]**Bevat geen spare ribs. Allergie-informatieBevat Glutenbevattende granenBevat Tarwe Voedingswaarden Soort Per 100 g Energie 2026 kJ...
Lay's Sensations Mexican Peppers 150g
Description Extra thick chips to enjoy intensely - A delicious combination of Mexican peppers and cream - Contains 5 portions - Marinated crisps with hot pepper and cream flavour - Packed under a protective atmosphere. Ingredients Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil,...
Pringles Chips Hot & Spicy 165g
IngredientsDehydrated potatoes, vegetable oils (sunflower, corn), rice flour, wheat starch, corn flour, spicy seasoning (spices, sugar, flavor enhancers {monosodium glutamate, sodium guanylate, disodium inosinate}, granulated broth, tomato powder, flavorings, yeast extract, whey powder {milk}, dextrose, modified corn starch, glucose syrup,...
Pringles Spicy Cheese Chili 160g
IngredientsRice flour, vegetable oils (sunflower, corn), dehydrated potatoes, corn flour, maltodextrin, modified starch, seasoning with flavor of cheese and chili (maltodextrin, lactose {milk}, salt, dextrose, buttermilk powder {milk}, flavor enhancers {monosodium glutamate, disodium-5'-ribonucleotides}, flavors, cheese powder {milk}, sugar, spices {chili...
G'woon Ribbelchips Bolognese 215g
DescriptionWith a nice chip on the couch with friends, your family, or just for yourself. Either way, with so many shapes and flavours, g'woon will appeal to everyone.Ingredients60% potato, 33% sunflower oil, maize flour, salt, dextrose, hydrolysed soy protein, spices (including 0.1%...
Lay'S Duopack Naturel & Paprika Chips Duo Mix 15 bags
Description7x Mini Bag Natural, 8x Mini Bag Paprika ChipsAttention Mhd is 4-6 weeks after productionIngredientsSalted crisps 27.5 g e: potatoes, vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn, in varying amounts), salt. Ingredients: Potato chips, paprika flavour 27.5 g e: Potatoes, vegetable oils...
Proper Lentil Chips Sweet Sriracha Chilli 85g
DescriptionKnown for its bold flavors and crunch, Proper chips are made from lentils. The sweet spiciness of the sriracha sauce and cayenne pepper gives the lentil chips just enough heat.- Source of protein, fiber and ironIngredientsIngredients: lentil flour (28%), potato starch,...
Lay's Chips Cheese Onion 225g
Description The only real Lay's crisps with the delicious flavour combination of cheese & onion. - Without artificial colours and preservatives - Without added flavour enhancers - Contains 7-8 servings Ingredients Ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oils (sunflower, rape seed, maize, in...
Pringles Chips Cheese & Onion 165g
DescriptionPringles Cheese & Onion in a convenient resealable can.- Bursting with flavourIngredientsIngredients: Dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oils (sunflower, corn), rice flour, WHEAT flour, cornmeal, cheese & onion seasoning (onion powder, dextrose, cheese powder {MILK}, lactose {MILK}, flavor enhancers {monosodium glutamate, sodium...

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