Pondan - Martabak
Pre mix flour for Indonesian Thick Sweet Pancake/Martabak Manis/Terang BulanWeight: 400g
Pondan Chiffon Vanilla Cake Mix
Indonesian premixed flour for cake with Vanilla taste Weight: 400grams
Pondan Chiffon Chocolate
Indonesian Cake mix flour with chocolate flavors Weight: 400grams
Pondan Chiffon Cheese
Indonesian Cake mix flour with chocolate flavors Weight: 400grams
Koopmans Pancakes Original 400g
DescriptionMix for pancakes, originalIngredientsIngredients: WHEAT flour, buckwheat flour, rye flour, raising agents (E341, E501), salt, WHEAT FIBER. May contain EGG and MILK. Allergy informationContains :Wheat, Rye, Gluten-Containing CerealsMay contain :Eggs, MilkNutritional values  Type Per 100 GR Energy  736 KiloJoule Energy  174...
G'woon Pancake Natural Mix 400g
IngredientsWHEAT flour, whole grain buckwheat flour, baking powder (raising agent: E450/E500, WHEAT starch), whole grain oat flour, iodized salt. This product may contain traces of EGG and MILKAllergy informationCereals containing gluten, Oats and oat products (gluten-containing cereals), Wheat and wheat-based productsNutritional...
Dr. Oetker Pizzabottom Mix 450g
DescriptionPizza bottom mixIngredientsWHEAT FLOUR, DURUMTARWEAT, raising agents (E341, E500), salt, WHEAT SUGAR CONCENTRATE. May contain: Egg and MILK.Allergy informationContains: Wheat, Cereals containing gluten, EggsMay contain: MilkNutritional   values Sort Per 100 Gram Energy  1119 kJ (264 kcal) Fat  3 g  ...
Koopmans Pancake Wholegrains 400g
Ingredients78% WHEAT FLOUR, 5.0% RYE FLOUR, 4.0% whole grain OAT FLOUR, 4.0% whole grain BARLEY flour, 4.0% maize flour, 3.0% whole grain buckwheat flour, raising agents (E341, E501), potassium chloride (salt substitute), salt.StorageAfter cooling, the pancakes can be stored covered...
G'woon Butter Cake Mix 400g
IngredientsWHEAT flour, sugar, iodized salt. This product may contain traces of MILK and EGG.Allergy informationCereals containing gluten, Wheat and wheat-based productsNutritional values Kind Per 100g (Prepared) Energy 749 kJ Energy 749 kJ fats 3.3 g    Fatty   acids, totally saturated...
Dr. Oetker Mix for Cupcakes Natural 300g
DescriptionWith dr. Oetker basic mix for cupcakes you can easily bake delicious creamy cupcakes. Fun to make and even more fun to decorate!- Delicious creamy cupcakes- Easy to decorate due to the flat top- For 12 cupcakes or 24 mini...
Dr. Oetker Muffins Chocolate 345g
IngredientsIngredients muffin mix (265 grams): WHEAT flour, sugar, cocoa powder, raising agents (E341, E575, E500), corn starch, salt, emulsifiers (E471, E475), rice starch, flavouring, vanilla flavouring, thickener (xanthan gum). May contain MILK and EGG. Ingredients for white and dark chocolate pieces (80...
Koopmans Gluten free Pancakes 400g
DescriptionMix for gluten-free pancakes Extra informationWith Koopmans gluten-free pancake mix you always enjoy delicious gluten-free pancakes. Thanks to the innovative recipe, these pancakes are almost impossible to fail and they are also completely gluten-free. Do you have a gluten intolerance or...
Koopmans Mix Applepie Extra Dough 550g
Ingredients:WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, maize flour, raising agents (E450, E500), salt, flavouring.Storage:Best before: see top of package. Keep cool and dry.
Koopmans Mix For Fine Cake 400g
DescriptionOur fine cake is a classic! Bake a creamy authentic Dutch cake with this baking mix and enjoy freshly baked cake with the whole family.- Tasty and creamy- Crispy crust- For about 25 slices- Add your own: 150 butter, 50 ml...
G'woon Pancake Wholegrains Mix 400g
DescriptionA stack of pancakes always does the trick. In several varieties, so the baking should be anyone's cup of tea!Ingredients75% whole wheat flour, 20% whole grain oat flour, whole grain buckwheat flour, salt. May contain traces of MILK and EGGAllergy...
Dr. Oetker Mix for Airy Buttercream 105g
DescriptionWith Dr. Oetker buttercream you can easily make a delicious airy cream. Perfect for decorating your cupcakes or cakes!- Delicious light buttercream- Easy to prepare- Perfect for decorating your cupcakes or cakesIngredientsIngredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fat (palm kernel, palm), emulsifiers...
Dr. Oetker Cheesecake Lemon (with bottom) 420g
Ingredientssugar, gelatin, glucose syrup, vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm), emulsifiers (e472a, e471), maltodextrin, natural lemon and lime flavouring, 0.6% lemon juice powder, potato starch, wheat starch, acidifier (citric acid), milk proteins , flavors .wheat flour , sugar, vegetable oil (palm, rapeseed), salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin),...
Koopmans Mix for Farmerscake 400g
DescriptionMix for farmer's cake.IngredientsSugar, TRYWHEAT flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, rice starch, raising agents (E450, E500), emulsifiers (E471, E475), RYE flour, salt, flavors, natural lemon flavor. May contain egg and milk.Allergy informationCereals containing gluten, rye, wheatNutritional values Type Per 100 GR Energy ...
Dr. Oetker Verwen Red Velvet Cake 293g
DescriptionDr. Oetker red velvet cake is a soft and airy cake in a striking red colour with a fresh cream cheese topping based on monchou or dairy spread.- Velvety cake in a beautiful red colour- Delicious with creamy topping- Easy...
Dr. Oetker American Pancakes Original 300g
Product descriptionDr.Oetker american pancakes original is a handy pancake mix for making airy, fluffy pancakes. These American pancakes have a delicious sweet taste and are the perfect breakfast for a relaxed weekend day. Following the recipe on the package, pour...

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