Lavazza Filter Espresso Italiano Black 250g
DescriptionGround roasted coffeePackaged under protective atmosphere.UsagePreparation: After the coffee beans are ground, you can enjoy a cup of coffee.StorageStore under air and light protected conditions.
Douwe Egberts Mainstream Aroma Red Filter Coffee 500g
OmschrijvingDouwe Egberts Aroma Rood is met zijn ronde, harmonieuze smaak en geurige karakteristieke aroma al jaren een begrip in Nederland. Je vertrouwde Douwe Egberts koffie sinds 1753.Smaaksegment Rond: Evenwichtig & RondSmaakintensiteit 05 (schaal 01-09)Meest geschikt voor het zetten van: Zwarte...
Douwe Egberts Mainstream Aroma Red Coarse Grind Filter Coffee 500g
DescriptionFilter Coffee Coarse GrindUsageUse this Coarse Grind in a round filter or cafetière. Quick-filter grinds are best suited for a filter device or attachment filter.Preparation: Tastes vary, but usual is 7 grams of coffee per cup (1 measuring spoon or 2 tablespoons).StorageThe...
Douwe Egberts Aroma Dark Fastfilter 250g
DescriptionDouwe egberts aroma red is with its round, harmonious taste and fragrant characteristic aroma for years a household name in the Netherlands. Your trusted Douwe Egberts coffee since 1753.- Taste segment round: balanced and round- Flavour intensity 05 (scale 01-09)- Most...
Lavazza Filter Qualita Rossa 250g
DescriptionGround roasted coffeeIngredientsGround roasted coffeeUsagePreparation: suitable for all coffee machines and express machines.StorageStore under air and light conditions.
Douwe Egberts Mainstream Décafé Filter Coffee 500g
DescriptionDouwe Egberts Décafé is the well-known and trusted Aroma Red. With the same pleasant round taste and familiar aroma, but decaffeinated.- Balanced and rounded taste- Decaffeinated- Fine grinding- Brewing system: filter machineDescriptionGround decaffeinated coffeeStorageThis is how the coffee stays good....
Douwe Egberts Premium Excellent Aroma Filter Coffee 500g
DescriptionWith Douwe Egberts Excellent you can make mild filter coffee with a special taste. The 100% Arabica blend is mildly roasted, bringing out the fruity and floral accents of this blend.- Flavor segment Round: Balanced & Aromatic- Flavor intensity 05...
G'woon Filter Bags Brown 80pcs
DescriptionThe delicious aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee. With our coffee and our coffee filters you can do this every day!Now discover Melitta Original filter bags with 3 aroma zones, for coffee with an even fuller aroma. The aroma holes...
Kanis & Gunnink Filter Coffee 500g
DescriptionKanis and gunnink, finely ground coffee. A specially selected blend of the best beans that are roasted with great care.- Taste range round: balanced and round- Taste intensity 05 (scale 01-09)- Most suited for brewing: black coffee- Roast: medium
Dutch Roast Coffee 250g
DescriptionThe Plus of Bio+ Buzzing Bees, Whistling Birds No chemical pesticides are used in the organic cultivation of coffee beans. This is good news for all the insects and birds that also live on the coffee plantation. It is also...
G'woon Red Filter Coffee 250g
IngredientsCoffeePreparation instructionAfter opening a pack, store the coffee in a tightly sealable tin/jar so that the condition of the coffee is guaranteed.StorageStore in a dry and dark place.
Douwe Egberts Double Pack Aroma Red Filter Coffee 2x500g
DescriptionDouwe egberts aroma rood is met zijn ronde, harmonieuze smaak en geurige karakteristieke aroma al jaren een begrip in Nederland. Je vertrouwde Douwe Egberts koffie sinds 1753.•    Smaaksegment rond: evenwichtig en rond•    Smaakintensiteit 05 (schaal 01-09)•    Meest geschikt voor het zetten van: zwarte...
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