Noa Tempranillo Rosé
Provence colored roseé without alcohol. The fragrance has a floral character (lilies). The taste is full of fruit influences of peach and grapefruit. Slightly sweet attack with a dry aftertaste, especially the purity is striking.
Noa Riesling
NOA speaks for itself, this fruity fresh alcohol-free wine gives you a full mouthfeel with fresh notes of citrus and apricot. The fragrance is floral and spicy at the same time with a hint of freshly cut grass. (With this...
Noa Merlot
Fruity wine with a mature taste of cherries and depth. The wine has a firm structure, is pure and fresh.
Noa Sparkling White
NOA sparkling has a fresh scent with a powerful bubble that gives a filming layer to the wine, making it a very pleasant alcohol-free bubble. The taste is fruity and also has notes of ripened fruit and a light pepper....
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Aldea Frizzante Sparkling Airén
This Frizzante from ALDEA is a dry sparkling wine: clear, light straw-yellow color with an intense aroma and an aftertaste of ripe grapes and roses. Pleasant mousse with a strong and fruity taste and a long finish. Good to drink...
Noa Chardonnay
Light yellow, spicy/toasty scent. Firm and full-bodied wine with slightly sweet and fresh flavors of ripe fruit. Clean and fresh/firm mouthfeel.
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