Nutrijell Instant Jelly Powder
Nutrijell is an instant dessert jelly that can be processed to create a variety of foods and drinks. Nutrijell is fast and easy to make and also contains high fiber. This product is made from natural konjac and karagenan. It...
from €0,68
DUA Belibis Hot Sauce 340ML
The best Traditional Indonesian Belibis Chili Sauce  Fresh chili with blended tomatoes, plus garlic, vinegar, sugar and many other seasonings to make an unique delicious indonesian taste.  It is perfect for daily cooking or food
Dua Kelinci Kacang Koro Broad Beans
Coated Roasted Beans Made from selected long beans that are processed with modern technique, Broad Beans has three variants of flavour: Spicy, Original, and Seaweed Flavour. The unique sweet taste combined with delicious special seasoning that creates the pleasing taste's sensation....
Bango Sweet Soy Sauce Kecap Manis 275ML
The best kecap Manis brand from Indonesia Available in 275ml packaging, can be delivered to any where in Europe Order more to get discount, contact us if you interested in volume orders
Nesia- Kerupuk Rawon Putih
Krupuk Rawon white with Garlic flavourWeight: 250g
Luwak White Coffee Original 200GR
Indonesia Luwak White Coffee.   one bag contains 10 Sachets
Energen Instant Cereal Drink
One bag contains 10 sachetx30g Well known Cereal drinks from Asia Chocolate and vanilla flavor available  
from €2,53
ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce
Indonesia famous ketchup.  HeinzABC classi Extra Hot Chili Sauce, the unique Indonesian Chili Taste.  Perfect for dipping or cooking traditional spicy dishes
Astor Chocolate Roll 150g
Chocolate roll snacks from Astor Astor, crunchy stick wafer roll filled with real chocolate, so tasty it makes you crave for more
1 box 24 pcs Sosro Jasmine Tea 250ml X 24
Superior products of PT. Sinar Sosro is a bottled Sosro tea bottle or often called RGB (Returnable Glass Bottle) is the first ready-to-drink tea product in Indonesia and in the world that has been launched since 1969. Indonesia’s first ready-to-drink...
Royco Rasa Sapi 230g
Powder broth with beef flavor Weight: 230g
Karangsari- Sambal Pecel Pedas
Peanut Sauce for Pecel dishSpicy 🌶 🌶 🌶 Origin: BlitarWeight: 200gr
Beng Beng Chocolate Snack Bar 400GR
Popular Indonesia Snack Bar Beng-Beng, a chocolate-combo snack, combines multi layers of tasty element beyond just luscious real chocolate snack. Only Beng Beng holds the key to the exciting combinations, more than just chocolate or wafer. One box contains 20...
Wijsman Butter 454g
a special quality Dutch butter under its own name. In many countries, from time immemorial, the Wijsman ‘sweetcream’ salted butter has been one of the most respected dairy products form the Netherlands. Weight: 454gram
Royco Rasa Ayam 230g
Powder broth with chicken flavor Weight: 230g
Sidomuncul Tolak Angin 12x15ml
Tolak Angin is a herbal supplement product produced in Indonesia by Sido Muncul. Sold as a syrup packaged in yellow sachets, it is one of the most popular brands in Indonesia It is Indonesian traditional herbal drinks for relieve common...

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