Always Ultra Sanitary Towels Long (Size 2) Wings 48 Pads
DescriptionDon't settle for less, go for triple protection: Always Ultra Long   (size 2) sanitary napkin with wings uses the latest technology to create a   multifunctional sanitary napkin with 3 protective functions. The InstantDry   system absorbs moisture in...
Libresse Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkin Goodnight
DescriptionLibresse Ultra Thin Sanitary Towels Goodnight 2x10 pieces is a bit longer and has wings for even more security during the night. The unscented sanitary napkin follows the natural lines of your body and thanks to the unique front and...
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Always Ultra Sanitary Towels Secure Night with wings 36 Pads
DescriptionGet a good night's sleep and say yes to triple protection: Always   Ultra Secure Night sanitary napkins with wings have 3 protection functions so   you don't have to get up at night to check if your sanitary napkin...
Always Platinum Normal (Size 1) Sanitary Towels With Wings 48 Pads
DescriptionAlways Platinum sanitary pads with ComfortLock wings are designed for a   better fit* to prevent leaks, stay in place and provide optimal comfort. With   Always Platinum pads, your period is the last thing on your mind.    ...
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