Nesia- Kerupuk Rawon Putih
Krupuk Rawon white with Garlic flavourWeight: 250g
ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce
Indonesia famous ketchup.  HeinzABC classi Extra Hot Chili Sauce, the unique Indonesian Chili Taste.  Perfect for dipping or cooking traditional spicy dishes
Wijsman Butter 454g
a special quality Dutch butter under its own name. In many countries, from time immemorial, the Wijsman ‘sweetcream’ salted butter has been one of the most respected dairy products form the Netherlands. Weight: 454gram
Melinjo Pedas - Nesia
Sweet and Spicy Melinjo snacks   Weight 150gram
ROYCO Kuah Bakso 100g
Indonesian beef ball instant mix
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Terasi
Finna (Uleg) Sambal Terasi weight: 190g Spicy Chili Shrimp Paste, classic indonesian sambal. perfect for dipping or cooking
NESIA Rengginang Zout Raw 200g
Indonesian Raw Glutinous Rice Cracker  Weight: 200g
Nesia Mie Besar Kerupuk Bawang
Indonesian garlic cracker with noodle shape Weight: 250grams
sasa bumbu ungkep ayam kalasan 33gr
sasa bumbu ungkep ayam kalasan 33g Sasa Javanese Chicken Marinade Seasoning is more simple and special. Contains selected spices and palm sugar. Adds an authentic Javanese flavor that is tasty, savory, and even tastier. Marinades deeper into the meat, resulting...
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Kerupuk Palembang
€3,31 €1,80
Kerupuk Palembang
Indonesia Kerupuk Weight: 250gr
€3,31 €1,80
Sasa bumbu lumur ayam spesial 26gr
Sasa bumbu lumur ayam spesial 26g Special spices are selected to create a marinade that penetrates deeper into the chicken. Sasa Special Chicken Marinade Seasoning is created with the latest technology. This product is available in pack of 26 g. Cut...
Momogi Coklat 20x6g
Momogi Coklat bar Sold at per box. 
Pop Ice Drink Mangga Mango flavor 10x25g
Mangga flavor milk shake powder one bag contains 10 sachets
Indomie Soto mie 70
Indomie soto Mie   Indomie is produced by Indofood, the pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia and is one of the largest instant noodles manufacturers in the world. Indomie comes in many varieties from the classic soup flavours such as...
KUCING Mutiara Sagu 70g
KUCING Mutiara Sagu 70g Sago Mutiara Cap Cat Raw material for making porridge, cendol, dawet, angsle and other foods.
Blueberry flavor milk shake powder one bag contains 10 sachets

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