Rexona Clean Scent Anti-transpirant 45ml
DescriptionRexona Women Maximum Protection Clean Scent Deodorant offers you the most advanced protection against perspiration.Get 3x more active with Rexona Women Maximum Protection Clean Scent deodorant.Antiperspirant with the innovative Defense+ Technology.Moisture protection that lasts up to 96 hours.Rexona Clean Scent...
Vogue Men Nordic Blue Antiperspirant Spray 150ml
Description Vogue Men Nordic Blue Anti-Perspirant Spray is a refreshing deodorant for men that keeps the armpits fresh and dry for up to 48 hours. Nordic Blue is the fresh and sporty variant with the combination of sandalwood, lemon and...
Nivea Men Cool Kick Deodorant Spray 150 ml
DescriptionNIVEA MEN Cool Kick provides you with instant pleasant refreshment and provides an ultimate feeling of freshness all day long. The unique Cool-Care formula has been specially developed for active men. It combines intense freshness with mild care with a...
Fa Mystic Moments 48h Deodorant Spray 150ml
DescriptionFa Deospray Mystic Moments surrounds you with a seductive perfume and helps to protect you against body odor for 48 hours. The skin-friendly formula with a seductive scent protects and cares for your skin and provides long-lasting freshness. The deodorant...
Sanex Dermo Men Active Control Roller 50ml
DescriptionSanex Men Deodorant Roller Active Control: effective against perspiration without irritating Sanex Men Dermo Active Control provides effective protection against perspiration and body odor for 24 hours. The ingredients of the deodorant work together with the natural processes of the...
Sanex Dermo Extra Control 200ml
DescriptionThe Sanex Dermo Extra Control 48h Deodorant Spray is a long-acting antiperspirant. The deodorant restores the natural pH value of the skin and provides effective protection for 48 hours. Feel fresh, dry and protected all day long. Formulated with microtalc,...
Nivea Protect & Care Spray Deodorant Spray 150 ml
DescriptionNIVEA Protect & Care Antiperspirant provides reliable antiperspirant protection and mild care for the armpit for 48 hours. The formula contains no alcohol and has been specially developed with ingredients from NIVEA Creme. The formula is mild, non-irritating, and well...
Sanex Men Active Control 200ml
DescriptionThe dermatologically tested Sanex Men Active Control Deodorant Spray has been developed to provide all skin types with long-lasting protection against perspiration and unpleasant odors. The antiperspirant deodorant effectively protects against perspiration for 48 hours and tackles perspiration odors at...
Sanex Dermo Sensitive 200ml
DescriptionThis antiperspirant spray helps to keep your sensitive underarm skin feeling fresh, dry and comfortable. Dermatologically tested. Effectively fights odors while protecting your natural skin flora. Formulated to be gentler on sensitive skin, without alcohol or irritating additives. So no...
Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant Spray 150 ml
DescriptionNIVEA Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant, especially for those who have to perform under time pressure, during a meeting or a date - in our daily lives we often end up in stressful situations. An unwanted side effect is stress sweat, accompanied...
Dove Deodorant Spray Sensitive 150ml
DescriptionDove Deodorant Spray Sensitive 150ml-Developed to care for your skin and keep your underarms smooth and soft-With 1/4 moisturizing cream and with vitamin E to care for your skin-With the usual 48 hours of Dove protection.
Nivea Men Deodorant Spray Invisible for Black & White 200 ml
DescriptionNivea Men Invisible for Black & White Deodorant Spray With Nivea Men Black & White deodorant you have the first deodorant that effectively protects against perspiration for 48 hours and protects your clothes from white stripes on black and yellow...
Nivea Men Deodorant Spray Sensitive Protect 150 ml
DescriptionNivea Men Deodorant Spray Sensitive Protect.IngredientsButane, isobutane, propane, Cyclomethicone, aluminum chlorohydrate, isopropyl palmitate, parfum, extract of Chamomilla Recutita flowers, Bisabolol, Persea Gratissima oil, octyldodecanol, glycine soybean oil, disteardimonium hectorite, dimethicone, propylene carbonate, dimethiconol, BHT oil.UsageShake well before use. Hold the...

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