Dried Shrimp Wild Catch 300g
Ingredients:Little shrimpAllergy Alert -Storage:  Keep at -18°C Nutritional   Values:  Value Per 100 g Energy   (KJ) 826 Energy   (kcal) 197 Fat 2.8    of which saturated 0 Carbohydrates 3.2    of which sugars 0 Protein 39.3 Sodium 2 Contact information: Ochama Berkel...
Dumpling Pork Chinese Cabbage 400 g
Description:Kung Fu Food combines the delicious flavours of Chinese cabbage and pork into one delicious dumpling.IngredientsWheat Flour, Pork (23%), Chinese Leaves (12%), Cabbage, Soy Protein, Modified Potato Starch, Spring Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Ginger, Salt, Soy Sauce (contains Soya), Gluten, Sugar,...
Asian Choice Soybean (Edamame) 500 g
Ingredients:Soy beansAllergy Alert: Soy beansStorage:  Keep at -18°C Nutritional values   (gram per 100g/ 100ml) Energy (kj/kcal) 583Kj/139kcal fat 5g   of which saturated fat 1g carbohydrates 10g   of which sugars 2g protein 11g salt 0.1g  Contact information: Ochama Berkel and Rodenrijs 2652...
Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base - Hot 235g
Ingredients: sunflower oil, umami spices [flavour enhancer: [E621], salt, maltodextrin, sugar, maize starch, dried glucose syrup, hydrolysed soya protein powder [hydrolysed soya protein, maltodextrin, salt], soya sauce powder [water, soya, salt, maltodextrin, salt], yeast extract, flavour enhancer: [E635], flavouring, acid: [E330],...
Wan Tan Chicken 24 Pieces 360g
Ingredient:Ingredients: chicken 41%, wheat flour 27%, gluten, shiitake, wood ear, potato starch, sugar, sesame oil, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), ginger, salt, soya sauce (water, soy beans, salt, wheat flour), flavour enhancer E621, rice wine (water, rice, wheat, colour...
Bibigo Dumpling Beef BBQ & Vegetable 525g
Ingredients:Beef meat and fat 30,7%, vegetables 23% (cabbage, onion, garlic, spring onion), WHEAT flour, water, BBQ flavoured meat 5,9% (pork meat and fat 71,5%, beef meat and fat 7,8%, BBQ sauce 4,4% [contains: SOYBEAN, WHEAT], sugar, garlic, textured SOY protein,...
Blue Swimming Crab (M 2-3 Pcs) 1000g
Description:The blue swimming crab from Asian Choice is known for its rich, sweet and buttery flavour. IngredientsPike crab, waterAllergy Information:Storage: Keep Frozen at -18C or belowContact details:OchamaBerkel and Rodenrijs 2652 XSThe Netherlands Nutritional   Values:  Value Per 100 gram/ml/g Energy   (KJ) 431...
Dumpling Chicken Mushroom 400 g
Description:Kung Fu Food combines the delicious flavours of chicken and mushroom into one delicious dumpling. IngredientsWheat Flour, Chicken (24%), Shiitake Mushroom (7%), Cabbage, Onion, Soya Protein, Rapeseed Oil, Modified Potato Starch, Spring Onion, Salt, Ginger, Gluten, Soy Sauce (contains Soya), Sugar,...
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Egg Flavor Bun 288 g
Description:These classic buns are delicious. A perfect side dish for holiday gatherings and parties. IngredientsWHEAT flour 65%, water 26%, sugar 8%, palm oil ,EGG, yeast, egg flavor,milk flavor,food additives (disodium dihydrogen phropgosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate,calcium dihydrogen phosphate,calcium carbonate,critric acid, mono-and diglycerides...
Roasted Boneless Duck 580/650 g
Description:Roasted duck has a strong flavour, it is tender, moist and fatty. IngredientsDuck, Seasoning: star anissed powder 2.7% Clove Powder 1.11 % Cinnamon Powder 2.00 % White Pepper 2.01 % Salt 60.5 % Sugar 30.49 % Garlic powder 0.8% dried ginger...

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