Liga Kids biscuits 12-36 months, 175gr
Liga Kidsbiscuits 12-36M are a nutritious snack for children. The biscuits with wheat, rye and barley are full of calcium, vitamin B1 and are a source of dietary fiber. Calcium is necessary for normal growth and development of children's bones.• The...
Nestle Biscuit Naturel 12mo+ 180gr
A delicious Nestlé biscuit based on grains. It is rich in iron & calcium. A delicious snack!Ingredients: Wheat flour (54.1%), sugar, wheat starch, butter (milk) (13.5%), inulin, minerals: calcium carbonate, iron lactate; raising agents: ammonium carbonate, potassium carbonate; emulsifier: sunflower...
Liga Baby Biscuits 6-12 months, 175gr
Give your child a delicious snack with Liga 6 - 12 Months BabyBiscuits. This biscuit is delicious in a porridge, but also to eat out of hand.If you think your child is ready, you can start with Liga 6 -...
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