WC eend No.1 Descaler 750ml
Description With its uniquely shaped neck that reaches just below the rim, WC Duck. No. 1 Descaler complete hygiene for your toilet, keeping it clean and fresh. In addition, it removes limescale and leaves a fresh, long-lasting scent.   Ingredients...
Witte Reus Scent Switch Lotus Bamboo Toilet Rim Block 1pc
Product Description:Fragrance switch with every rinse. Thanks to the aqua active technology, it is possible to experience a second scent.- A cleaner and fresher toilet than ever- Cleaning foam, dirt protector, anti-lime formula and extra freshness- With every flush an...
Blixer Citrus Toilet Rim Block 4pcs
Product Description:The ideal toilet block for a clean and fresh toilet bowl. Additional Information:Storage advice: Store in a dry place Ingredients:15-30% anionic surfactants,<5% amphoteric surfactants, perfumes (citral, limonene, linalool) Warnings:Causes skin irritation. Causes severe eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting...
Glorix Power 5 Citrus Toilet Rim Block 55g
Product Description: Give every flush the power of the new power 5 with Glorix Citrus toilet block. - Keep the toilet fresh longer with a Glorix power 5 lime toilet block - Power 5: hygienic cleaning and long lasting freshness -...
3G Professional Ecological Lime Cleaner 500ml
Product Description:3G Ecological Lime Cleaner- Developed for professional cleaners- Super concentrated and powerful foam spray- Suitable for hard surfaces and metals- Equipped with metal protector (inhibitor) Additional Information:Professional cleaning is ecological cleaning 3G Ecological Lime Cleaner has been developed to be...
G'woon Ocean Toilet Rim Block 1pc
Product Description: G'woon a fresh toilet. Away with unwanted smells. Long-acting cubes in different scents. G'woon a fresh toilet after every flush.   Additional Information: Storage advice: Store in a dry place   Ingredients: 15- 30% anionic surfactants < 5%...
Glorix Active Blue Water Pink Magnolia Toilet Block Rim 1pc
Product Description: The Glorix WC Block Blue Water Pink Magnolia gives every flush the power of new Glorix Power 5+. - With cleansing foam - Provides an intense hygienic clean every flush - Anti-calcium action - Prolonged freshness in the...
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G'woon Toilet Cleaner Ocean 750ml
Product Description: G'woon quickly fresh again For daily cleaning or a big clean. Efficient cleaners with a fresh scent, for when the g'woon has to be really clean. Our toilet cleaner cleans thoroughly and effectively against limescale.   Additional Information:...
Glorix Toilet Cleaner O2 750ml
Product Description: Glorix Toilet Cleaner O2 with active oxygen formula is a powerful hygienic cleaner, especially for all the sanitary ware in your bathroom and toilet. - Cleans hygienically, without chlorine bleach- With active oxygen- No bleach stains, no bleach...
Witte Reus Turquoise Active Pacific Toilet Rim Block 1pc
Product Description:With Witte Reus turquoise active you always have a visibly clean and fresh toilet. The powerful turquoise water balls color the water turquoise and provide continuous action in the toilet.- Cleans your toilet, even between flushes- Prevents the formation...
Wc Eend Action Gel Lavendel 750ml
Product Description:Thanks to its unique neck, WC-EEND Lavender Fresh Toilet Cleaner provides a thorough clean, leaving your toilet wonderfully fresh, even under the rim.-  Penetrates and removes limescale-  Removes stubborn stains-  Cleans above and below the water-  Removes odors Ingredients:<5% anionic...
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Wc Eend Fresh Discs Houder Marine 11.5ml
Product Description:Toilet duck fresh discs holder marine contains a gel disc that cleans and refreshes the toilet with every flush. Protects against limescale*.-  Prevents limescale where bacteria can grow*.-  It is an easy to use, clean and quick application-  Hygienic application: no...
Wc Eend Toiletblok Ocean Fresh 1st
Product Description:WC-Eend Toilet Block Ocean Fresh cleans the toilet with every flush-  Helps prevent limescale-  Works up to 3 weeks-  Contains 1 toilet block with 1 refill Ingredients:< 5% non-ionic surfactants, > 30% Anionic surfactants, perfume , Limonene, Citronellol Warnings:Precautions:Keep out of reach of children....
Gwoon Thick Bleach Original 750ml
Ingredients:Less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, chlorine bleaches.Instructions for use:To open, press cap while gently unscrewing. Thick bleach can be used either diluted or undiluted. Always rinse well with water. Transport the bottle in an upright position.Storage: Store in a cool...
Glorix Extended Power Eucalyptus Bleach 750ml
Product Description: Glorix eucalyptus bleach guarantees you and your family long-term active protection against unhygienic dirt. - Use Glorix eucalyptus bleach for 100% hygienic cleaning - Glorix extended power is the new generation bleach with anti-lime scale - Up to 3x longer protection...
WC Eend Action Gel Pine Fresh Toiletcleaner 750ml
Description Thanks to its unique neck, WC-EEND Pine Fresh Toilet Cleaner provides a thorough clean, leaving your toilet wonderfully fresh, even under the rim. Penetrates and removes limescale Removes stubborn stains Cleans above and below the water Removes odors  ...
Witte Reus Deluxe Lovely JasmineToilet Rim Block 1pc
Product Description:Witte Reus deluxe lovely jasmine is the first toilet block with perfume that gives your toilet an elegant and Premium fragrance.- Spreads a long lasting fresh and elegant fragrance in your toilet- The active cleansing foam cleans the toilet...
Ajax Shower Power Descaler 750ml
Product DescriptionAjax shower power 2in1 is specially developed to keep your bathroom perfectly clean. The result: long lasting 100% shiny surfaces!-Descales streak-free: bath, shower (head), tiles, sinks and taps-Descales without scrubbing-Provides a protective layer for long-lasting cleanliness-100% shiny surfaces Ingredients<5% Amphoteric...

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