Iglo Vegetarian Burger 200g
IngredientsRehydrated pea protein 60%, rapeseed oil, onions, bamboo fibre, pea flour, vinegar, stabiliser: methylcellulose*, malt extract (GERST), natural flavour, tomato puree, salt, pea fibre, OAT malt flour, potato starch, antioxidant: rosemary extract, tomato powder, mushroom powder, onion powder, spices.Allergy Information: Gluten-Containing...
Gwoon Spring Roll Vegetables 175g
Ingredients: 57% Vegetables (28% White Cabbage, 28% Bean sprouts, 14% Carrot, 11% Onion, 9% Leeks, 5% Peas, 5% Red Bell Peppers), Wheat flour, Water, Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed, Sunflower), Rice flour, Modified Potato starch, Salt, Dextrose, Corn flour, Rice starch, Maltodextrin,...
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Mora Tosi Hot Chicken 200g
Ingredients Bread roll (60%): WHEAT flour, water, margarine (vegetable oil (palm,  rapeseed), water, salt, emulsifier: E471, acidifier: citric acid), raising agents: E450 and E500, salt, Filling (40%): sauce 43% (water, sugar,  dextrose, vinegar, modified starch, sunflower oil, tomato paste, salt, onion,...
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Beckers Hamburgers 840g
Ingredients71% chicken, water, 9% pork bacon, breadcrumbs (TARWE), salt, herbs and spices, vegetables (onion, leek, pepper), flavour enhancer: E621, sugar, flavoring, antioxidant: E316, acid: E331, hydrolyzed SOJA Eggwhite, beef protein, glucose syrup, color: paprika extract.Allergy InformationCereals containing gluten; SoyaNutritional Values: ...
Mora Veggie Satay 160g
Ingredients Water, vega pieces 28% (water, vegetable proteins [SOJA, TARWEGLUTEN], sunflower oil, starch [potato, TARWE, maize], chicken egg protein, herbs and spices, yeast extract, natural aroma, thickener: carrageenan, salt, food acid: citric acid), PINDA cheese (PINDA, groundnut oil), sugar, soy sauce...
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Mora Oven Beef Croquettes 320g
DescriptionA deliciously creamy Beef Croquette generously filled with tender stringy meat, coated in a nice golden brown, crispy crust. Ingredients: Water, beef 24%*, breadcrumbs (TRY flour, whole wheat TRY flour, sunflower  oil, water, salt, yeast), TRY flour, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed,  sunflower),...
Iglo Vegetarian Meatballs 240g
IngredientsRehydrated pea protein 73%, rapeseed oil, pea flour, bamboo fibre, natural flavouring, tomato puree, stabiliser: methylcellulose**, malt extract (GERST), salt, garlic powder, pea fibre, Oat malt flour, herbs 0.22%, onions, potato starch, antioxidant: rosemary extract, spices 0.12%, tomato powder, mushroom...
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Beckers Croquettes 560 g
IngredientsWater, 22% beef (*), breadcrumbs (TARWE), TARWE WHEAT (ROGGE), palm oil, salt, beef gelatine, MILK POWDER (LACTOSE), flavoring (GERST,TARWE), herbs, spices, flavour enhancer: E621, dried glucose syrup, sugar, sugar syrup, invert sugar syrup, coloring agent: E150c, dextrose, stabilizer: E466, TARWEGLUTEN,...
Beckers Oven goulash Croquette 4 Stuks
IngredientsWater breadcrumbs (WHEAT FLOUR, salt, yeast, colour: E160b), onion, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, sunflower), TARTAN BLUE, 7% cooked beef (beef, water, salt, stabiliser: E450, caramelised sugar), dried glucose syrup, soft sugar (sugar, sugar syrup), dextrose, salt, maize starch, dark soft...
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Mora Meatballs In Sweet And Sour Sauce 160 g
Ingredients Water, beef 20%, sugar, vinegar, plum puree (plums, sugar, fiber), tomato paste, vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), modified corn starch, breadcrumbs (TARWE flour, water, yeast, salt), onion, sambal manis (sambal [red pepper, salt], molasses, water, fried onion [onion, palm oil, TARWE...
Mora Chicken Satay Spicy 160g
Ingredients Water, chicken meat 28% (chicken breast), PINDA cheese (PINDA, groundnut oil), onion, soy sauce (water, molasses, sugar, salt, modified corn starch, SOY sauce [water, SOY beans, TARWE, salt, vinegar]), sugar, sambal manis (sambal [red pepper, salt], molasses, water, fried onion...
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Beckers Sausage Breads 2Pcs 160g
IngredientsTRUE WHEAT, 24% pork, water, pork bacon, breadcrumbs (TARWE), yeast, vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, white bastard sugar, salt, modified starch, ,MOSTERDAGE flour,TRUSTEE STONE,hydrolysed SOJA Eggwhite,glucose syrup,emulsifiers;mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids;E450,E451,caramel sugar,aroma,flavour enhancer: E621,antioxidant: rosemary extractsAllergy informationCereals containing gluten;Mustard;SoyaNutritional Values...
Beckers Frikandells 1.4Kg
Ingredients 58% chicken cutlet meat, water , 15% pork bacon, breadcrumbs (TARWE), salt, spices, onion powder, flavor enhancer: E621, antioxidants: E316, E331, dextrose, stabilizers: E450, E451, hydrolysed vegetable protein (SOJA)Nutritional   Values Soort Per 100 gram/ml/g Energy   (KJ) 942kJ Energy  ...
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Mora Crispy Chicken Spicy 8 pcs
IngredientsChicken meat 49% (chicken fillet 100%), breadcrumbs mix (wheat flour, wheat gluten, yeast, salt, spice, rapeseed oil), water, streaking agent (wheat flour, wheat starch, salt, raising agents: e450, e500), vegetable oils (turnip, palm) , chicken collagen , natural flavoring, soy...
Mora Viandel 350g
IngredientsMechanically separated chicken meat 31%, water, flour (wheat, rye), pork fat, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, yeast, salt), vegetable oils (palm, turnip, sunflower), onion, pork collagen, pork 2%, salt, viandel mix ( glucose syrup, spices, natural flavouring, soy protein, salt, rapeseed...
Mora Chicken Fingers 312g
Ingredients Mechanically separated chicken meat 27%, water, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed), breadcrumbs (TARWE flour, water, yeast, salt), flour (TARWE, ROGGE), SOYbean flour, natural flavor (contains SELDERIJ, GERST), chicken fat, chicken collagen, SOY protein concentrate salt, whey powder (MILK), TARWE starch, emulsifiers:...

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