Wu Chung Vegetarian Mock Chicken 280g
IngredientsFried gluten(64%), soy sauce(19.5%)[water(88%), soybeans(6%),   wheat(3%),   sugar(2%), salt(1%)], sugar(9%), salt(1%), soybean oil(7.3%), flavour   enhancer:(E621)(0.2%).Contains allergens gluten, wheat and soybean. Nutritional Values  Value Per 100 g Energy   (KJ) 378.4 Energy   (kcal) 90.5 Fat 2.1    of which...
G'woon Knakworst 400g
Ingredients 9% pork*, water, potato starch, salt, hydrolysed maize protein, stabilizer: E451/E452, spices, pork fat*, pork hemoglobin, potato protein, beef collagen, dextrose, antioxidant: E300, rosemary extract, nutmeg extract, smoke flavouring, preservative: E250. * = Beter Leven quality mark 1 star.  ...
Unox Hotdogs Sausage 550g
Description - Unox Hotdogs Sausage to American recipe, with the unique Unox seasoning - This snack is on the table in a flash - Make a hotdog sandwich as a snack or for lunch - Delicious hotdogs without added flavour...
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Unox Knaks XXL Sausage 550g
DescriptionUnox Knaks XXL are made with the unique Unox seasoning.- This delicious knackered sausage is on the table in no time- Make a Knaks sandwich as a snack or for lunch- Each tin of Unox Knaks XXL contains approximately 10...
Unox Regular Liver Pie 3 x 56g
Description - Unox liver patty is delicious on bread or on toast as an accompaniment to drinks. - The most delicious sandwich filling, awarded the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark 1 star. - This liver pate contains no added...
G'woon Soupballs 200g
Description Soups, sauces, gravy or... broth should not be missing in your g'woon kitchen. Ingredients 55% Soup balls (43% pork, 27% chicken*, 19% pork*, pork fat*, potato starch, salt, water, spices, hydrolysed maize protein, stabiliser: E451/E452, preservative: E250), 45% bouillon...
Unox Meatballs in Tomato sauce 420g
Description Unox meatballs in tasty tomato sauce. - Contains 20 delicious meatballs - Delicious with a drink - Easy to heat up in the pan or microwave - Delicious with pasta Ingredients Ingredients: Meatballs 41%: meat 85% (pork, beef), water,...
G'woon Liver pate 168g
Ingredients Pork fat*, 23% pork liver*, water, pork rind*, potato starch, salt, pork gelatine, spices, white pepper extract, acidifier: E270, antioxidant: E301, bay leaf, preservative: E250. * = Beter Leven label 1 star   Nutritional values Value Per 100 gram/ml Energy...
G'woon bockworst 4 pieces 540g
Ingredients80% Pork*, water, iodized salt, sugar, spices, spice extract, stabilizer: E450, antioxidant: E300, preservative: E250, sheep casing, beech smoke. * = Better Life quality mark 1 starAllergy Information- Nutritional Values Value Per 100 gram Energy 1055 kJ (255 kcal) Fat 22...
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G'woon Gelderse Smoked Sausage 375g
Ingredients: 88% pork meat¹, pork fat¹, potato starch, natural flavouring, collagen of beef, salt, acidifier: citric acid, stabiliser: E450/E452, dextrose, smoke flavouring, spices, onion powder, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250/E261,  acidity regulator: E326.  ¹= Beter  Leven label 1 star    ...
G'woon Chicken Frankfurter 400g
Ingredients34% chicken meat*, 29% chicken meat*, water, potato starch, salts (common salt, potassium chloride), chicken protein, pea fibre, stabiliser: E451/E452, spices, hydrolysed maize protein, beef collagen, dextrose, antioxidant: E316, spice extracts, smoke flavouring, preservative: E250. * = Beter Leven label...
G'woon Frankfurter Lean 400g
Ingredients54% chicken MSM*, water, 14% pork MSM*, 7% pork MSM*, potato starch, salt, pork connectors*, spices, stabiliser: E451/E452, hydrolysed maize protein, beef collagen, potato protein, dextrose, antioxidant: E300, nutmeg extract, rosemary extract, smoke flavouring, preservative: E250.   * = Beter Leven...
Unox Ragout Beef 400g
Description Unox beef ragout is delicious in a pastry box or on a toasted sandwich! - Richly filled with tender beef - Rewarded with the better life label 1 star - Easy to prepare - Approx. 4 servings Ingredients Ingredients:...
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G'woon Lean Luncheon Meat 200g
Description- Cut g'woon into slices- These classic cold cuts are to everyone's taste. On bread or in pasta, always nice and easy.IngredientsIngredients :33% chicken MSM*, 27% pork MSM*, water, 15% pork*, potato starch, salt, pork fat*, stabilizer: E451/E450, sugar, antioxidant:...
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G'woon Luncheon Meat in Can 200g
Description- tastes g'woon familiar- These classics among meat products are to everyone's taste. On bread or in pasta, always delicious and easy.IngredientsIngredients :31% chicken MSM*, 23% pork MSM*, 20% pork*, water, pork fat*, potato starch, salt, MILK CHEESE, stabilizer: E451/E450,...
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Unox Smac Vlees 250g
Description - Unox Smac Vlees, the one and only, is delicious, versatile and economical - Use Unox Smac as a sandwich filling or for cooking - Natural meat, without artificial flavours and fragrances - The familiar canned meat with handy...
Unox In Sate sauce Meatballs 420g
Description- Unox Meatballs in Sate sauce contains 20 delicious meatballs.- Delicious as a snack with drinks or lunch!- Easy to warm up in the pan or microwave.- Delicious snack or addition to the meal.- In delicious sate sauce!- Also surprisingly...
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Unox smoked sausage 285g
Description- Unox Gelderland smoked sausage, a tasty addition to the Dutch cuisine.- Delicious with a Dutch stew of kale, hotchpotch or pea soup- Made from pork with the Beter Leven (Better Life) quality mark- Unox Gelderland Smoked sausage, a regular...
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