Prodent Kids Woezel&Pip Toothpaste 75ml
DescriptionProdent Woezel & Pip mild toothpaste offers protection against cavities.Make brushing your teeth more fun with Woezel & Pip.With fluoride content adapted to the age and sensitive children's mouth; Fluoride strengthens enamel and helps prevent cavities.Has a smooth, mild taste.Protects...
Prodent Pokémon Toothbrush per piece
DescriptionProdent Pokémon toothpaste helps protect when new teeth break through. The toothpaste contains ActiFluor, Prodent's fluoride system that helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. The children's toothpaste is made with 97% ingredients of natural origin and now contains...
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GUM Toothbrush Kids 2+ Years 1pc
DescriptionGum Toothbrush Kids 2 Years with small brush head for small mouths. Mild blowing bristles for thorough removal of plaque from teeth, in the interdental spaces and along the gumline.-Small brush head for better reach in the child's mouth-Mild blowing...
Nûby Toothbrush Set 3pcs
DescriptionNuby Toothbrush Set Blue with three different toothbrushes promotes the early development of good dental hygiene in your baby. Healthy oral development in your baby is assured with this toothbrush set with 3 different toothbrushes. It is very important to...
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