Dr. Oetker Whipped Pudding Banana 74g
Ingredients Sugar, modified potato starch, stabilizers (E450, E263, E339), emulsifiers (lecithins, E472b), flavouring, glucose syrup, palm fat, coloring food (safflower concentrate), coloring (carotenes), MILK PROTEINS, E numbers are EU approved excipients. Allergy information Milk Nutritional values Kind Per 100 Gram Energy...
Dr. Oetker Whipped Pudding Strawberry 74g
Ingredients Corn starch, salt, colorings (E160a, E160b), aroma. May contain WHEAT (GLUTEN) due to the production process. May contain EGG and MILK. Allergy information Eggs, Milk, Cereals containing gluten, Wheat Nutritional Values Kind Per 100 Grams Energy 388 kJ (92 kcal) Fat...
Hero Tova Strawberry Dessert Sauce 125ml
IngredientsStrawberries (50%), sugar, glucose syrup, acid (citric acid), thickener (pectin). Nutritional Values  Value Per 100 ml Energy  1175(KJ) Energy  281(kcal) Fats 0.5g Carbohydrates 66g Sugars 48g Dietary   fibre 0.8g Proteins 0.5g Salt 0.02g StorageKeep cool and dry.
Dr. Oetker Whipped Pudding Caramel 74g
DescriptionInstant pudding powder with caramel flavour. Extra informationWhipped pudding is a special homemade dessert with the sweet taste of caramel. You can make this pudding without cooking and it will be on the table within a few minutes. Do you fancy...
Hero Tova Caramel Dessert Sauce 125ml
IngredientsSweetened condensed whole MILK (whole MILK, sugar), glucose syrup, sugar, water, BUTTER, stabilizer (sodium citrate), salt, flavor (vanillin). Nutritional Values Value Per 100 g Energy  1689(KJ) Energy  404(kcal) Fats 8.2g Fatty acids, total saturates 5.9g Carbohydrates 78g Sugars 60g Dietary  ...
Dr Oetker Jelly Strawberry 94g
IngredientsSugar, stabilizers (E 337, E 332), thickeners (E 407, E 508), acidity regulator (E 297), flavouring, coloring foods (black carrot concentrate, hibiscus, safflower), E numbers are EU approved excipients . Nutritional Values  Value Per 100 g Energy  257(KJ) Energy  60(kcal) Carbohydrates...
Dr. Oetker Whipped Pudding Vanilla 74g
IngredientsSugar, modified potato starch, stabilizers (E450, E263, E339), emulsifiers (lecithins, E472b), glucose syrup, flavor (contains MILK components), color (carotenes), palm fat, MILK PROTEINS, E numbers are approved by the EU excipients.Allergy informationMilkNutritional values Type Per 100 Grams Energy 388 kJ (92...
Hero Tova Chocolate Dessert Sauce 125ml
IngredientsGlucose syrup, sugar, water, whipped cream (MILK), skimmed cocoa powder (6%), thickener (carrageenan). Nutritional Values  Value Per 100 ml Energy  1480(KJ) Energy  354(kcal) Fats 4.6g Fatty acids, total saturates 2.9g Carbohydrates 74g Sugars 42g Dietary   fibre 2.6g Proteins 2.1g Salt...
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Dr. Oetker Vanilla Griesmeelpudding 500g
Ingredients 59% CEREAL WHEAT flour, sugar, salt, coloring (beta-carotene), aroma Nutrientional Values Kind Per 100 Grams Energy 1540kJ/363kcal Fat 0.6 g    of which saturated 0.1g Carbohydrates 82.3g    of which sugars 41g Protein 5.8g Salt 0.31g Storage Keep cool and...
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