WaterWipes Baby Wipes Value Pack 240pcs
DescriptionWaterwipes Baby Wipes consist of 99.9% water and also contain one drop of fruit extract. They are free of chemicals and other allergens and specially developed to prevent skin irritation. Preventing diaper rash by cleaning baby's bottom with the water...
Nuby Buttocks Wipes 80pcs
DescriptionNuby Baby Wipes are unique because they contain the natural antibacterial ingredient Citroganix™. Thanks to the addition of Citroganix™, the wipes, with their all-natural formula, kill 99.99% of the bacteria and yeasts responsible for diaper rash (including Candida albicans). In...
Huggies Babydoek Natural Care 56pcs
Huggies Natural Care wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, ingredients known for their skin care properties. The wipes have a padded structure that ensures a gentle and effective cleaning. Lightly scented, they leave your baby's bottom smelling...
Waterwipes Baby Wipes 720pcs
DescriptionWaterwipes Baby Wipes Mega Value Box (720 pieces) are the purest Buttock Wipes in the world, with which you can clean and care for sensitive baby skin in a safe and mild way. Waterwipes Baby Wipes consist of 99.9% water...
Mustela Wipes 70pcs
DescriptionMustela Baby CleansIng Wipes are hyoallergenic moist cleaning wipes for cleaning the face, hands and body, specially made for babies. These super soft wipes gently cleanse and soothe baby's delicate skin and consist of 97% natural ingredients. They contain nourishing...
Cheeky Panda Baby Wipes 64pcs
Feature1. Made of 100% natural and sustainable bamboo2. 99% purified water with Aloe Vera and fruit extract3. Odour free
Bambo Nature 100% Biodegradable Wet Wipes
Description22 x 3.8 x 10 centimetres;Moisturizing, Cleansing;50 Count (Pack of 1);100% biodegradable;Gentle and soft on the skin;Skin-friendly (no perfume or color);New packaging reducing Plastic in both lid & foil;Recommended useWill clean up almost anything, anytime, anywhere. For external use only....
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Zwitsal HB WPS Maxi FLP 52pcs
Zwitsal Baby Wipes Maxi Baby are extra large wipes with a ribbed texture for effective cleaning of the baby and toddler's bottom when using solid food. Much faster than you might like, your little one will transition to solid foods....
WaterWipes Snout Wipes 60pcs
DescriptionThe Waterwipes Snoen Wipes consist of 99.9% water and one drop of fruit and soapberry extract. They are Free from further fragrances, preservatives and other chemicals. This allows you to use them safely for sensitive children's skin, without leaving it...
Zwitsal Sensitive Tissue 24 x 57 pieces
• Zwitsal Sensitive Billendoekjes met milde lotion en verzachtende olie• Om de gevoelige babyhuid op milde wijze schoon te maken en te verzorgen• Babydoekjes met zinkzalf om luieruitslag te helpen voorkomen• De doekjes zijn sterk en stevig, zodat ze niet...
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