Robijn Specials Fleur & Fine Detergent 18 WashesProduct Description:Robijn fleur en fijn is specially developed to protect fine and colored laundry and keep colors radiant.- Provides good protection of delicate...




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Robijn Specials Fleur & Fine Detergent 18 Washes

Product Description:

Robijn fleur en fijn is specially developed to protect fine and colored laundry and keep colors radiant.

- Provides good protection of delicate fabrics

- Also suitable for hand washing

- For vivid colors

- With fine detergents


Additional Information:

Robijn Specials Fleur & Fijn Liquid Detergent has been specially developed to protect delicate laundry with vibrant colors and keep the colors radiant. The improved formula helps to prevent puffing and lint and has special delicate protectors. This makes it an ideal detergent for delicate clothes, such as wool and silk. However, always consult the care label before washing. One bottle of Robijn Fleur & Fijn Liquid Detergent is good for 18 washes.


Robijn uses improved and nicer detergent bottles which make sure you can pour even better and that the bottles don't leak. Moreover, the bottles are made with 70% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. In this way, Robijn contributes to a more sustainable way of washing.


Let's try to enjoy more in a world that rushes by and sometimes flies by. Especially the little things, like the scents and colors you encounter in everyday life. To ensure that you can always enjoy the fragrances and colors, Robijn puts a lot of care and attention into developing products. Detergents that keep colors beautiful for a long time and fabric softeners with lovely fragrances. Robijn brings these moments of enjoyment to life indoors: when you put on your freshly laundered jeans or crawl under the sheets that have been washed with lovely smelling detergent and fabric softener. For years, Robijn's motto has been What's beautiful should stay beautiful. With Robijn detergents and fabric softeners, you'll ensure that your clothes stay like new for longer and smell great too.



5-15%: Anionic surfactants. s.<5%: Non-ionic surfactants, Polycarboxylates, Enzymes, Soap, Perfume. Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Methylisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone.



Keep out of reach of children.



2/3kg Dosage machine wash for all water hardnesses: Lightly soiled = 40ml. Normal soiling = 50ml. Heavy soiling = 65ml. Hand wash 10L = 35ml. Washing tips: For all variegated and coloured laundry at 15-30-40 ⁰C. Read the care label in the clothes. Do not wash light-colored and dark-colored laundry together. Wash new colored clothes separately first, or check for color transfer. You can use this detergent for all types of textiles, except for wool and silk. For these, use Robijn Wool & Delicate. Pre-washing is not necessary.